(GSoC) Improving the State of Optim

Posted by Patrick Kofod Mogensen on May 3, 2016

Let’s get GSoC started!

Wonderful! I’ve been accepted into the Google Summer of Code program under the NumFOCUS organization or, more specifically, JuliaOpt.

My project is going to be on general improvement to the pure Julia optimizatio suite collected in Optim.jl. To get a flavor of the project, let me quote the abstract from GSoC’s website:

“The purpose of this GSoC project is to work on a variety of loose ends in, and general improvements to, the optimization package Optim.jl. Optim.jl is written entirely in the Julia Language, and organized under the JuliaOpt o rganization. Improvements are in the form of a unified documentation effort, performance tests, improved algorithms, unit tests, and general bug fixing. At the end of GSoC Optim.jl should be a relatively well-polished, documented, and tested package for optimization in Julia.” - GSoC 2016

To kick off the community bonding period, I’ve written a short introduction at the julia-opt mailing list that you’re welcome to read and respond to.